StarLAB Coding Platform

The StarLAB Coding Platform is a sensor lab you can hold in your hand. It allows you to measure the world around you like air pressure, movement, light, and can take HD videos and photos.



StarLAB was built from our experiences designing cube satellites in the early days of the Australian space industry. StarLAB gathers information from its sensors and gives you tools to use the data for any experiment you want to run!


Data Logging

The StarLAB's data logging software displays data being collected by one or more StarLAB sensor platforms in real time on your computer and records the data in Excel spreadsheets for processing. The sensor platform can be wirelessly accessed by all your students at the same time allowing for collaborative investigation.



With simple blocks Scratch lets students, and Teachers, of any skill level, write code and learn computational thinking. Scratch gives students a strong foundation in understanding the principals of coding at an early age. By combing scratch with StarLAB, you give students the power to code not just a computer, but the world!



Python is the programming language used to code StarLAB hardware (the sensor hardware and the Rover). Students learn Python through online modules. It's simple, easy to learn and is used in schools around the world.

Python is also the most used code in industry, Companies like Google, YouTube, IBM, NASA, the CIA (and games like Battlefield 2) use Python because it's one of the most versatile ways to code

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The StarLAB platform was built from the ground up as a scientific investigation platform. The StarLAB has a variety of different physical and environmental sensors that allow students to investigate the world around them. Science with the StarLAB is as simple as using our data logging software StarLAB:Senses or using coding skills, learnt in the Online Platform, to create your own science experiment software.

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What comes in the box

- StarLAB STEM platform
- StarLAB software
- Quick start guide to get you going
- USB wall adapter
- battery pack for experimenting on the move
- 12 months access to the online learning platfrom for all your students.