StarLAB Online

StarLAB online is a complete learning platform that teaches students every silo of STEM with videos, examples, and exercises that engages students.


Python Fundamentals

Python is the most popular programming language currently used around the world. With the StarLAB platform, you will learn the fundamentals of coding Python that will enable you to explore more advanced coding. The StarLAB Python course teaches you everything you need to know to get started with coding, thinking creatively and how to make interactive code that you can use everywhere!



The power of the StarLAB platform is in allowing students to create code that can quickly and easily interact with real world sensors. The StarLAB course will take you through the science behind each sensor, real world applications and the coding commands you need to interact with it. After this course, students will be able to create their own exciting scientific coding experiments.


Rover Robotics

With the Rover Robotics course, students learn the fundamentals of robotic machinery, how robots move and sense the world around them. Rover Robotics teaches students to develop rover code starting with moving in a straight line through to navigating a maze, mapping the world around them and avoiding obstacles.