Education Services

Don't know where to start with coding and STEM? The Obelisk team is here to help to you get going with a variety of services to help you develop skills needed to engage your students.


Professional Development

We offer professional development for individual teachers or groups, through our professional development program you will learn about the StarLAB and how you can use it in the classroom.

- Hands on using StarLAB for teaching.
- Learn the fundamentals of coding and the StarLAB rover.
- Worksheets to take back to your classroom.
- Lunch is included!


Events and Workshops

The StarLAB team will visit your school to engage in a variety of activities including:

- Talks about our story, company and robotics.
- Interactive demonstrations of the StarLAB.
- Provide exciting workshop that lets students explore STEM.
- Workshops on using StarLAB or coding.
- Scratch programable robotics.


StarLAB Robotics Incursions

Interested in giving your students a chance to meet the team behind the StarLAB rover? We can organise a school incursion that gives your students the opportunity to:

- See practical outcomes of STEM learning
- Get help with coding and student projects
- Talks and QandA on what it takes to become an engineer
- Fun robot games!