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"The Mars Rover competition, which the Kit includes, provides an engaging activity that will motivate students to work on a local, national and global scale."
Dr Scott Sleap | Me Program Director - Regional Development Australia


Rover Expansion

Is it a robot? Is it a tank? No! It's the Mars Rover Kit! The StarLAB sensor platform connects to the Rover and acts as its eyes and ears (and brain of the operation).

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Rover Robotics

Time to go mobile! With the StarLAB rover expansion, you can experiment with robotics and take your sensors on the go. The rover platform is an exciting way to engage students in robotics with a 3D printed frame, high power motors and additional sensors to allow the rover to navigate (With some coding help from you). The rover robotics course guides you through everything you need to know.

StarLAB Coding Platform

Code how you want!

With the StarLAB coding platform you can code your rover in a variety fun ways, with Scratch early coders can use blocks to take the rover for a spin and Python coders will enjoy the challenge of writing their own rover A.I. Soon students will be able to create their own rover control centre from inside Minecraft!
StarLAB Coding Platform

StarLAB Coding Platform

Autonomus vehichles

With the power of the StarLAB, you can investigate the fundamentals of creating autonomous vehicles. The StarLAB contains all the necessary sensors that you need to code your own AI that can measure its environment and safely navigate it. With an understanding of Python and machine learning, you could create your own intelligent rover.

StarLAB Coding Platform

The National Challenge

Time to put your rover skills to the test! The StarLAB team will be running competitions and events throughout the year allowing you to try out your code skills against other StarLAB teams. The ultimate test of your STEM skills will be our annual Mars Rover Challenge where you can code your rover to navigate through Martian terrain while engaging in science activities.

StarLAB Coding Platform

What comes in the box

  • StarLAB STEM platform
  • Rover Expansion chassis
  • Rover battery charger
  • Rover Battery
  • StarLAB software
  • quick start guide to get you going
  • USB wall adapter
  • battery pack for experimenting on the move
  • USB stick (includes your software and sample code).
  • HDMI cable
  • 12 months access to the online learning platfrom for all your students.
StarLAB box contents

The hardware technology

  • Raspberry Pi (Model 3) mini computer
  • expansion header so there's room to grow. You can add on the Mars Rover Kit, new experiments and expand the sensors and robotics
  • user inputs and outputs:
    • 4 buttons
    • joystick
    • 4 standard LEDs
    • 1 RGB LED
    • 128x 64 OLED display
    • piezoelectric buzzer
    • wi-fi
    • bluetooth
    • STM32 Microcontroller
  • real-world sensors calibrated by the StarLAB team:
    • Distance Sensor
    • Rover Power monitor
    • accelerometer (3-axis X, Y, Z) (measures speed and acceleration)
    • gyroscope (3-axis X, Y, Z) (uses gravity to determine which way is up)
    • magnetometer (3-axis X, Y, Z) (measurer magnetism)
    • 3x thermometers (measure temperature)
    • pressure sensor (to see what the weather is doing)
    • moisture sensor (find out of its raining)
    • RGB ambient light
    • infrared light
    • ultraviolet light
    • real-time clock
    • HD camera for videos and photos.
Rover Technical