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"The Mars Rover competition, which the Kit includes, provides an engaging activity that will motivate students to work on a local, national and global scale."
Dr Scott Sleap | Me Program Director - Regional Development Australia


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Our team love to develop engaging STEM education solutions that meet curriculum outcomes in a way that is fun for students and easy for you.

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StarLAB Coding Platform

StarLAB Coding Platform

The StarLAB Coding Platform is the heart of Obelisk System’s education range; it is a complete solution for teaching coding and stem in the classroom.

Out of the box, the StarLAB can be used as a wireless datalogger using out senses apps and can be programmed by students using Scratch and Python.

To make it even better, these features are usable by multiple students at the same time!

StarLAB Coding Platform

StarLAB Rover Expansion

Ever wanted to know how NASA drive rovers and collect data on Mars? Now you can go even better and build your own rover!

The Mars rover expansion adds robotics to the StarLAB coding platform and lets you get your experiments moving.

The kit includes entry into the National Mars Rover Challenge, where students have to navigate the Martian surface and find resources and points of scientific interest.

Mars Rover Expansion Kit

StarLAB Online Platform

The StarLAB Online Platform gives your students access to guided lessons that teach them how to interact with the StarLAB and how to code in a Python, the most used language in industry.

It also gives you access to each student’s progress as well as resources to help you that include experiments and forums that let you communicate with other teachers and the Obelisk Team.

StarLAB Online Coding and STEM Platform