Obelisk Systems

Obelisk Systems

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"The Mars Rover competition, which the Kit includes, provides an engaging activity that will motivate students to work on a local, national and global scale."
Dr Scott Sleap | Me Program Director - Regional Development Australia


About Us

The Obelisk Systems team is a group of talented engineers, scientists and innovators that have come together to develop cutting-edge STEM technology for Australian schools.


Obelisk Systems

Obelisk Systems is an Australian STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education company that began with a focus on creating embedded solutions for aerospace and biotechnology. The company moved on to develop the StarLAB, a complete STEM and coding platform for schools and a new direction for the company became obvious.

Since the release of the StarLAB, the team has been working to continually improve the learning materials and give teachers and students access to the skills they have gained over a combined 30 years in engineering.

Obelisk Systems

Our Goals

We aspire to get students excited about STEM subjects by bringing them cutting-edge technology and real-world skills that will prepare them for a modern workforce.

We hope to grow the StarLAB platform into an education solution that can be used to teach the basic principles of coding to students from pre-school all the way to high-school.

We are working to change the perception that coding and STEM are “for geeks" by using game elements and combining the activities with English, arts, sports and other subjects not typically associated with them.

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