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Obelisk Systems is an Australian-based Aerospace hardware and Education company with a specialty in Cubesat modules, development tools, design platforms and STEM education systems. Our hardware and software is built to the highest standards and designed to be robust, powerful and of course, easy to use.

We’re a humble team of engineers and tinkerers dedicated to bringing you serious hardware that pushes boundaries

_Cubesat Hardware

We make affordable and robust Cubesat hardware that doesn’t compromise.

CubeSat Hardware

_Education Hardware

Obelisk Systems is committed to keeping youth engaged and excited.

Education Hardware

_Custom Hardware

Do you have a unique embedded systems problem? Talk to us now and lets figure out a solution!

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_Consultation & Mission Design

Do you need advice on an existing problem? Obelisk Systems offers consultation and advice.

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Our hardware, designs and contract work knows no bounds:
Find out about our I.S.S missions.

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We’re making waves around the world! See some of the latest news articles, seminars and videos from our staff here at Obelisk Systems.